Truth Club - Sleight / Fote - Looking For Lost Toy (7" LeRey 1980)
Truth Club et Fote sont deux projets de Robert Haigh (Sema, Omni Trio) avec le percussionniste Trevor Reidy (collaborateur de Stapleton dans les premiers disques de NWW).
Peu de choses à part ce single, sinon un morceau sur la compilation Hoisting The Black Flag sur United Dairies.
A classer dans les raretés de la scène expérimentale et industrielle du début des années 1980.
Truth Club and Fote are two Robert Haigh's aliases, less known that his Sema or Omni trio projects. Here, Robert Haigh worked with early Nurse With Wound drummer Trevor Reidy. Thruth Club appeared in the United Dairies compilation Hoisting The Black Flag.
An early industrial rarity.

RE-UP : truth club/fote ep + truth club'track from United Dairies's "Hoisting The Black Flag" compilation.
zip file (RS)

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Anonyme a dit…

hi armeur,

your comment on the "deleted scenes ..." blog brought me here :-) could you plese re-up the haigh files ("This file has been deleted because it has been inactive for over 30 days")? many thanks in advance!

armeur H a dit…

Done ! rapidshare link/zip file fote/truth Club + "hoisting the black flag"'s track.

Anonyme a dit…

merci mille fois :-)