1.1 Brian Eno - Pnoom (Moon Up Mix)
1.2 Sonic Youth - Spoon (Sonic Youth Mix)
1.3 François Kevorkian & Rob Rives - Blue Bag (Inside Paper)(Toroid Mix)
1.4 A Guy Called Gerald - Tango Whiskeyman (A Guy Called Gerald Mix)
1.5 Bruce Gilbert - TV Spot (Bruce Gilbert Mix)
1.6 U.N.K.L.E. - Vitamin C (U.N.K.L.E. Mix)
1.7 The Orb - Halleluwah (Halleluwa Orbus 2)
1.8 Sunroof - Oh Yeah (Sunroof Mix)

2.1 Holger Hiller - Unfinished (Hiller / Kaiser / Leda Mix)
2.2 Carl Craig - Future Days (Bladerunner Mix)
2.3 WestBam - ... "And More" (Westbam Mix)
2.4 Pete Shelley and Black Radio - Fathr Cannot Yell (Pete Shelley / Black Radio Mix)
2.5 System 7 (Steve Hillage) - Dizzy Spoon (System 7 Mix)
2.6 3p - Yoo Doo Right (3p Mix)
2.7 Air Liquide - Flow Motion (Air Liquide Mix)
2.8 Secret Knowledge ft. Jah Wobble - Oh Yeah (Secret Knowledge Mix)

Édité par Mute en 1997, c'est par cet album de remix que j'ai pénétré dans l'univers de CAN, le fleuron du Krautrock allemand. Les remixes sont variés, inégaux, mais les quelques perles (sonic youth, the orb, holger hiller...) valent le détour. Un grand album de remix !
Released by Mute records in 1997, this is a way I came into the CAN universe. All the remixes are not of the same quality, but some of them are truly gems ! A great remix album !
PASSWORD : farao25

On this forum : http://www.zona-musical.com/postt76268.html, you can DL the CAN discograpy !

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