VA - CARNET DE NOTES 25 (2011)

NPH 005 2011
Olivier Prieur, from The Dead Mauriacs and the  Art Pénultième editions, compiled a selection of live recordings by bands from Le Havre, Normandy, France. 

1/ Nozal Cube - Tourneson 2010 (17'30) : guitar, sampler, synthesizer, Cd player, K7 player, various objects.
*Recorded live at Fort de Tourneville, September 2010, Tourneson festival curated by PiedNu. (video)
2/ The Dead Mauriacs - Live at Le Monte-En-L'Air (28'13) : computers, keyboards, monotron, walkman.
*Recorded Live at Monte-en-l'air library, Paris, 24 sept. 2011
3/ Sondéole - Enregistrement à Raffetôt (9'30) : eolian harps
4/ Stéphane Deraime - Before and After me (14'46)

Rip & Booklet here : 320/RAR/MU

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