VEC9 cassette - ltd edition of 150
Very nice obscure compilation, somewhere between poetry, spoken word and minimal music. Some news here.

A Side
1- michael bright "in acting"
2- vec "intro"
3- tom winter "Love and make-up"
4- andrew darlington "shelf life"
5- ron crowcroft "over my head"
6- dave king "Lovely girl"
7- fritz stier "aussen innen"
8- rod summers "Short sharp shower"
9- giovanni fontana "radio drama"
10- jim price "let grandfather fall"
11- john m. bennett "two poems"
12- kenneth pobo "joe bogarts theme"
13- suvi and silja leitner "a song"
14- helenka "a story"
15- carel lanters "klang"
16- klaus groh "try"
17- piotr rypson "tam"
B Side
1- jesse glass jnr "sleeping circus"
2- bria burgess "prancing in time"
3- richard kostelanetz "plateaux"
4- michael gibbs reading difficulties pt.3"
5- opal l. nations "you and me 0-9"
6- mario rondi "monologo"
7- sylvia james "weltenschrei"
8- stefan weisser "poextension"
9- ruggero magi "laser 3 ghandi"
10- jürgen olbrich, henryk gajewski and i-spy "talk abour art"
11- daniele ciullini "emergency exit"

ripped by Rain. ULISES DOG (RS/ZIP)

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