ENTRE ROSE - AGIR 13 (1985)

universal marine edition - egtnv0015
One of the epicenter of the Châteauroux Underground, Vincent-Emmanuel Guitter is an artist, musician, curator, art school director, wich work is about ancient and contemporary rituals, secret societies, sorcery, esoterism, body art...
Agir13 is - I think - the last release under the Entre Rose moniker. We can hear influences of Cabaret Voltaire, Whitehouse, Psychic TV, but in a slow mood. Sound collages, electronic noise, modified voices, belive me it's damned good !
Still in activity with his newest projects Institut Freiberg/Théâtre Freiberg, V-E G will play live in Paris October 15th at La Société des curiosités (Paris, XIe)
ripped by Rain (ZIP/RS)

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