"The Power of bang bang" reviewed !

Posted by Jason Louv on dangerousmind.net
OK, this is just utterly wrong. Utterly wrong, yet… somehow… strangely… compelling... It’s a 12 minute—12 minute—mash-up of Coil, Nancy Sinatra and Frankie Goes to Hollywood doing “Bang Bang.” I haven’t heard something this nauseating in years. I dare you to listen to all of it. Dare you. It’s like the kind of thing Dean Stockwell’s character in Blue Velvet would sing if he was courting Sigfried and Roy from a crane being slowly, ever-so-slowly lowered in front of the water fountain by the Bellagio in Vegas, with sparkling fireworks flying in the background, dropping their effervescent twinkling sparkles across an audience in which even the stoniest, meanest Vegas bouncers slowly wiped tears from their eyes. Trust me, that’ll make sense when you listen to this… if you dare. If you manage to make it through the whole thing, post your response below so we can share the pain.


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you can always find more nauseating when someone somewhere in summertime try to make business