The only safely way for hear the beatles
I hate the Beatles and their soporific cheesy pop. I always prefer "Get back" covered by french punk band Starshooter (available on macadam autopsie), "let it be" re-interpreted by Laibach (RS) (here) or the exquisite opera singer Cathy Berberian's versions (Beatles Arias [wma files/4shared]).

Another way to avoid the nausea hearing these sticky songs is when they are slaughtered like the Beatles Barker (thanks to WFMU) or the exotic beatles compilations :
volume 1 (RS)
01 - Yellow Submarine (Derek Enright M.P.)
02 - Yellow Submarine Ondo (Akiko Kanazawa)
03 - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (William Shatner)
04 - I Should Have Known Better (Dino E I Kings)
05 - I Wanna Be Your Man (Brian Sewell)
06 - Penny Lane (The Wilson Malone Voice Band)
07 - She Loves You [Te Quiere] (Emi Bonilla Y Su Caudro)
08 - Come Together (Desmond Dekker And The Israelites)
09 - Step Inside Love (Dickie Henderson)
10 - In My Life (The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ)
11 - When Im 64 (The Metropolitan Police Male Voice Choir)
12 - Please Please Me (Los Mustang)
13 - Theres A Place [Oh Chagrin] (Les Surfs)
14 - Things We Said Today [Coisas Que Acontecem] (Os Vips)
15 - The Fool On The Hill (Edmundo)
16 - Paperback Writer (Lefty In The Right)
17 - All My Loving (The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ)
18 - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Balsara And His Singing Sitar)
19 - Eleanor Rigby (Derek Enright M.P.)
20 - We Can Work It Out [Podemos Solucionarlo] (Sandro)
21 - We Can Work It Out (The Beatle Barkers)
22 - I Am The Walrus (John Otway)
23 - And I Love Her (The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ)
24 - Ill Be Back [Aku Kembali Lagi] (The Quests)
25 - Her Majesty (Brian Sewell)26 - Good Night (The Moog Beatles)

volume 2 (RS) new link (if you need a PW, try SRR)
01 - We Love The Beatles (Unknown)
02 - Let It Be (The Squirrels)
03 - I Saw Her Stranding There (Joah Valley)
04 - Nowhere Man (Tsunematsu Masatoshi)
05 - Sgt Pepper - Yesterday (Brian Sewell - Arthur Mullard)
06 - Ring Ringo Little Star (Fisher And Marks)
07 - Rain (Grupo)
08 - Cant Buy Me Love (Ena Baga)
09 - Lady Madonna (Geesins Mahoganys Ministrels)
10 - Yellow Submarine (Maurice Chevalier)
11 - Flying (Frank Sidebottom)
12 - A Hard Days Night (The Beatle Barkers)
13 - Yesterday - Hey Jude (Organ Version)
14 - From Me To You (Margarita Pracatan)
15 - Desert Island Discs (John Lennon And Kenny Everett)
16 - Its For You (The Velvelettes)
17 - We Love Rock N Roll (Fisher And Marks)
18 - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (Johny Prytko)
19 - Hey Jude (The Templeton Twins)
20 - Piggies (R.A.M. Pietsch)
21 - Yellow Submarine (Gordon Langford)
22 - Let It Be (Lol Cox)
23 - Give Peace A Chance (Various)
24 - A Hard Days Night (Chiwaki)
25 - The Night Before (Lili Ivonova)
26 - All My Loving (Los Fernandos)
27 - The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (Klaus Beyer)
28 - Day Tripper (May West)
29 - Nostalgia (John Peel John Lennon Kenny Everett Malcolm MCdowell)
30 - Let It Be (Ron Geesin)

volume 3 (RS) - new link (PW : SRR)
01 - Introduction (featuring The Vernons Pools Girls Ed Sullivan Paul George John & Ringo Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise)
02 - Let It Be (Shang Shang Typhoon)
03 - Ticket To Ride (Cathy Berberian)
04 - Help (Irvings 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ)
05 - With A Little Help From My Friends (David Peel)
06 - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Mrs. Yetta Bronstein)
07 - Revolution No. 89 (Feeling B.)
08 - Yellow Submarine (Los Fernandos)
09 - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (F. Sidebottom)
10 - In My Life (Joah Valley)
11 - Eleanor Rigby (Doodles Weaver)
12 - Lato B [Let It Be] (Powerillus)
13 - Hey Jude (Marty Gold)
13 - She Loves You (Irvins 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ)
14 - Das Gelbe Underwasserboot [Yellow Submarine (Klaus Beyer With The Gotz Alsman Band)15 - Eight Days A Week (The Mirza Men)
16 - Love Me Do (The Beatle Barkers)
17 - From Me To You (Emi Bonilla)
18 - Estern Noch Yesterday (Haax)
19 - And Your Hard Birds Night Thing (The Food)
20 - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Rafi And Asha)
21 - World Without Love (Ena Baga)
22 - Eleanor Rigby (Ogar Grafe)
24 - Tanks And Good Byes (Paul George Ringo And John)
25 - Her Majesty (Brian Sewell)

Thanks to jbpimentel.blogspot.com and stigmarestroom.


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Caitlyn / CPI a dit…


The RS link to vol 1 is gone, btw.

Anonyme a dit…

this is a simple interpretation of the so knowed album

armeur H a dit…

the rs link to vol1 is fixed.

black eyes scream a dit…

Hi Armeur H,
En parlant des beatles, il y a des covers par les siouxsies and the banshees sur l'album scream (Helter Skelter) et l'album HYAENA (Dear Prudence)
ça vaut pas le starshooter, mais quand même

Anonyme a dit…

I wanna hold your hand

Anonyme a dit…

Unfortunately, I stumbled upon your blog just now! And I like it! Thank you.
I was so excited to find "Exotic Beatles", but alas, Exotic Beatles vol 1 is fine, now the others are gone....
If you can manage to find the time to reup, I would be so grateful.

armeur H a dit…

links for vol2 & 3 are fixed.