VA - NOT ON UD (unreleased 2009)

Some of the NWW related/UD all stars : Stapleton, Haigh, Berrocal, Lemon Kittens, Doyle, etc...
Some of the NWW related/UD all stars : Stapleton, Haigh, Berrocal, Lemon Kittens, Doyle, etc...
Hello buddies ! It's great to be with you again. And I'm proud to share with you this (not on) United Dairies compilation made by my friend Rain (selection and artwork) in exclusivity for AliceRabb' ! As you can expect, it's great ! Enjoy !
01 S. Stapleton - interview June 8th 2007 @ villette sonique
02 R. Haigh - Juliet of the spirits (LAYLAH Antirecords, 1985)
03 Lemon Kittens (Karl Blake, Danielle Dax) - They Are Both Dirty (Illuminated rec, 1982)
04 Operatin Theatre (Roger Doyle) - Dragon Path (Kabuki Rec, 1983)
05 Two Daughters [Anthony & Paul/creators of an UD Sublabel] - So I (Methane Music, 1980)
06 jac Berrocal - Café Mozart (NATO, 1985)
07 HNAS - vogelzang (Dragnet, 1992)
08 un drame musical instantanée - Sancta Papaverina (GRRR, 1977)
09 Asmus Tietchens - Den Stiftsherren (DOM US, 1988)
10 David Jackman [aka Organum] - Blues (Snatch Tapes, 1980)
11 Robert Haigh - Passage (LAYLAH Antirecords, 1988)
12 Lemon Kittens - The Hospital Hurts The Girl (Illuminated rec, 1982)
13 Operating Theatre - Miss Mauger (Kabuki Rec, 1983)

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Anonyme a dit…

Le side project LJDLP se livre ici à un hommage autour du célèbre film de Rossellini après nous avoir décoiffé du héros de Verdun à genoux dans les griffes de l'occupant
(C'est vrai qu'ils ne sont pas très exigents)

Anonyme a dit…

Hello! This File is INFECTED! Please look for it...

armeur H a dit…

infected by what ? I download it twice without any trouble !

for the fench anonymous : WTF ? You don't post your comment on the right blog ! No LJDP here.

Anonyme a dit…

INFECTED means: I´ve got a virus-warning on the download link!

armeur H a dit…

Hello anonymous. What can I said ? If you are scared, don't download it. I zipped the file and uploaded it. I don't put any virus on it ! I download it to check and it's fine !
I'll upload the file on rapidshare and try again.

W. a dit…


I hope you had a good time away, I'm glad you're back with your fine blog.

This is a very nice post.

Anonyme a dit…

Welcome Back!