Nurse With Wound / Broken Penis Orchestra - Natal Moonies

I bought this limited edition at the Trabendo Concert. Enjoy !
United Jnana UJ2112
150 Numbered and signed copies in hand-tinted paper sleeve in plastic sleeve.

Track Listing
1. Rock n' Roll Station (Lost Bottle Mix) (remixed by Andrew Liles) (7:10)
2. Scapegoat (Something nasty in the woodshed) by the broken Penis Orchestra (3:26)

2 commentaires:

Peteykins a dit…

Oh, wow... this is one of those NWW things that I was resigned to never hearing. Very happy to hear it!

Anonyme a dit…

I WAS THERE!!! AT THE SHOW IN SF!!! Were you there? I got my signed CD, and then asked Steven to sign it again. He said it was already signed, and I said but not in front of me!!!!!! I'm a bit of an old fart, but I felt like a star stuck teenage nymph in catholick school girl uniform.