Some re-ups before relaunching (or digging) Alice in the rabbit hole.

Click the link, read the post, download the file on the rapidsh* or mediaf* servers and leave a comment.

You can also visiting the cosmogol999 radioshow's blog or liking the facebook page of the show.

If you have some desires of re-ups, leave a comment. If I'm in the good mood, it will be fix before 2013.

So, here there are :
• King Of Luxembourg - Sir/Royal Bastard
• Paul Kelday - One Dimensional and Odznsdoz
• Compilation - Impulse 7
• Compilation - Musique Expérimentale Castelroussine
• Revue K7.2 - Pratiques de la cassette
• Riccardo Sinigaglia - Watertube Ringspiel
• Novy Svet - Todas Las Primeras Cosas
• Ed Herrmann - Electronic Music
• Coil - Remixes 1 et 2

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

could you reupload Kingdom Scum - Golden Asshole Legacy?

Meranneaway a dit…

Visit my blog please!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you man this is a foundational blogspot

automating a dit…

Bonsoir, tous les liens rs sont ko. vous avez le temps? merci

armeur H a dit…

c'est réparé (enfin, je crois).