[video] PULSE - Music for A Fallen Astronaut, novembre 1990

November 1990, seven students of College Marcel Duchamp (Châteauroux Fine Arts School) conceived and performed a 13 minutes experimental/electronic improvisation piece during the opening of the exhibition of "Fallen Astronaut" artist Paul Van Hoeydonck in the Galerie des Cordeliers, Châteauroux.

The College Marcel Duchamp, from 1990 to 1995, was an experimental school where the students used to work together in collaborative multimedia projects, very influenced by post-punk, industrial music, experimental cinema, dada performances and body art.

School's Director V-E. Guitter, important protagonist of the early industrial scene in Châteauroux (see Berrython 1 & 2),  artist Richard Fauguet and close friend Rainier Lericolais advised the young students to create this piece of music and video :
camera : Christophe Alaphilippe & Stéphane Landry
guitars : Bruno Douet & Maxime Touratier
tascam : David Legrand
sound board : Henrique Martins Duarte & Rainier Lericolais
Some of them become artists, some don't. Never mind. At this time, everyone was.

Pulse, Music for A Fallen Astronaut, novembre 1990 from chateauroux underground on Vimeo.

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