ED HERRMANN - ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1981-1983 (re-up oct. 2012)

Ed Herrmann Self-released - Cassette, C60
Ripped by Rain (1 track by side) : new link RS oct. 2012
If you like music made with the Metasynth software, you'll like Ed Hermann !

 A1 Day To Day 4:30
 A2 Four Spices 4:20
 A3 Power Of Speech 3:05
 A4 Eye Dance 8:00 A5 Rusta Fasta 4:20
 B1 Summoning Forces 12:40
 B2 Brings The Dawn 10:40

  Discogs says : Ed Herrmann’s professional background includes extensive work as an audio engineer, radio host, and producer. In addition to his work as an audio engineer, he has composed music for dance, theater, and radio.
His performances using the Serge synthesizer include duets with saxophonist Andrew Voigt, clarinetist Dwight Frizzell, and dancer Bob Beswick. He has performed with instrument designer Tom Nunn and is a founding member of the Edgewalker Ensemble.
A goal of his live performance music music is to combine the disciplin and coherence of composition with the spontaneity and risk of improvisation.

11 commentaires:

Thorsten Soltau a dit…

This is some very decent early influenced electronic music.
Seems that this a hype as minimal techno music a few years ago. some digger from the vaults re-release music (hence even jan jelinek with his ursula bogner compilations) like this very often now.

anyway, great stuff! thanks rain, it's really a pleasure what you have in archive.

morgan criger a dit…

Cette un blog magnifique, mais je ne peut pas attendre ecoute tout ici.

aulaelectroacustica a dit…


Muchas Gracias.

armeur H a dit…

Muchas gracias señores ! share it as you want !

zlobnykloun a dit…

can you refresh download link, please? it would be great

Anonyme a dit…

Re up not working :(

armeur H a dit…

I Tried it right now and it works.

Anonyme a dit…

Hola, el link is kaput !! :(

armeur H a dit…

I tried to fix it. It seems working. Tell me.

roberth a dit…

ah i knew ed he used to go out with my friend melissa moore and i have a different lp by him. he tried mixing a tape of my band but he didn't do such a good job.
his record was ok improv synth.

Anonyme a dit…

I've never heard of Ed Herrmann but your description and the preeceding comments convince me to give his tape a listen. Many thanks.