PITA - MESMER (2010)

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies
Track listing:
A: Mesmer - 21m05s
B: Mesmer - 19m17s
Written by Peter Rehberg. Recorded summer 1995 Mego Studio, Vienna.

"Peter Rehberg's first ever solo composition, originally released in 1995 as part of "mesmervariations", a (long-deleted) double CD by Ash International presented in an oversized plastic wallet with eight card inserts. That release contained various original compositions influenced by the work of Friedrich Mesmer, and included pieces by Ryoji Ikeda, Gescom, Edvard Graham Lewis, Robert Hampson, Bruce Gilbert, C M von Hausswolff and Drome (Bernd Friedmann). The artists featured on this release were given a copy of the vinyl recording "Mesmer" (Ash 1.8) and asked to compose a piece influenced by the work of Friedrich Mesmer the 19th Century 'animal magnetist and hypnotist'. The brief was - there is no brief; method and style were left entirely to the discretion of the composer. Rehberg's contribution is reproduced in its entirety here, the B-side of the cassette containing a copy of the weathered dubplate of the track he cut in 1996 for personal DJ use."

get it here : 320/RAR/MU

3 commentaires:

Thorsten Soltau a dit…

Hi Armeur,

you just forgot the link to post :o)


armeur H a dit…

oops! thanks Thorsten !
By the way, did you made a remix for the Rainier's Sound Project ?

Thorsten Soltau a dit…

I asked rainier for the single files of the tracks cause I find it a bit troubling to remix a complete track without having the single sound constructions. sadly I haven't heard anything from then. I must ask him again but I'm currently very busy in releasing and making music :)