[video] Black Devil Disco Club - Live @ Confort Moderne, 2010/05

Bernard Fèvre aka Black Devil Disco Club, and his fantastic t-shirt, will play live and free tomorrow at Lieu Unique, Nantes (00:00 - 02:00 AM)

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the saucer people a dit…

Uncannily AliceRabbit chose my three favourite Black Devil Disco Club tracks and I have heard pretty much everything by Monsieur Fevre apart from the second Milpatte album he did for the April Orchestra series (not the Serge Bulet April Orchestra Vol. 47 one ) and the singles he did in the 80s) so I have a pretty wide appreciation for his music!

In my opinion the Disco Club album in particular still sounds like its from the future even though it was released 33 years ago and H Friend is without a doubt one of the best tracks ever made period...I remember hearing it on a mix in the 80s and falling in love with the track but no-one knew who it was so I forgot all about it...fast forward to 2004 and the Rephlex reissue and I nearly fell off my chair when I first heard it..."its that song!"

What I would really love is to read a good English translation of an in-depth Bernard Fevre interview, I have been into him since 2004 and I still have not read anything but short mediocre ones by journalists who seem to have no idea just what an electronic disco pioneer they have infront of them sadly....if you know of any I would love to read it.