Crass Records - 1984/4
Subtitled: "Fifty Songs To My Other Self".
Engineered at Southern Studios, October 83 - October 84.
"In loving memory of Wally Hope."

"Acts of Love" is an album of 50 poems by Penny Rimbaud of the anarchist punk band Crass, set to classical music composed and arranged by Penny Rimbaud and Paul Ellis, performed by Steve Ignorant and Eve Libertine. (wikipedia)

ripped by Rain : 320/RAR/RS

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Anonyme a dit…

I was just thinking about this record a few days ago.I haven;t heard it since my college radio days back in the mid 80's.Thank you.

Art Of Losing a dit…

C'est un très beau disque. merci.

armeur H a dit…

Thank you for your comments guys !

Teenage Riot a dit…

Long time no visit your blog and here I find this gem. One from my old collection that got destroyed so many thanks for the replacement rip. You wouldn't happen to have scans of the booklet would you?

armeur H a dit…

Sorry, I can't ! Thank you for your support.

djbethell a dit…

Oh I missed the link. Any chance you could re-upload? I haven't heard this for nearly 30 years!
Many Thanks
D x

armeur H a dit…

the link works well click on 320/RAR/RS