VA -INSOMNIA VOL. 2 (1988)

We Never Sleep / WNS 006 / 2 x Cassette, C60 / Limited Edition
Excellent US compilation. Ripp & scans by Rain.
A1 Matt Heckert & Monte Cazazza - Survival Research Laboratories Soundtracks Revisited
B1 Greater Than One - Funk It
B2 Greater Than One - The Rose, The Cross And The Flag
B3 Greater Than One - Crisis
B4 Greater Than One - London Bridge & Mother Kelly
C1 Hunting Lodge - Rust Scraper
C2 Hunting Lodge - Hear You Knockin'
C3 Hunting Lodge - Rip You To Shreds
C4 Hunting Lodge - Carnivora!
C5 Hunting Lodge - Encore Re-Call
D1 Human Head Transplant - Funeral For A King
D2 Human Head Transplant - Opera Of Ennui
D3 Human Head Transplant - Water
D4 Human Head Transplant - Kubla Khan
D5 Human Head Transplant - Colleen
D6 Human Head Transplant - The End Of It

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Anonyme a dit…

I have Vol 1, its great to see this:Vol. 2!!! Great post! Reminds me, do you have The Oblique Collection, a record circa 1984 that featured Sleep Chamber, and(I think) other Boston bands, it would go perfect on your blog! I had the record but lost it! Many thanks,Will at thewavinghand@gmail.com

armeur H a dit…

hello guy. If you have the vol1, it will be great to share it. But sorry, I don't have "the oblique collection".
Thank you for your comment !

armeur H a dit…
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