THE VITAMIN B12 - RAFT122 (2002)

Raft Recordings - Vinyl, 7"
Vitamin B12 aka Alasdair Willis (who played saxophone on " Juice Head Crazy Lady" in the Nurse With Wound's Huffin' Rag Blues) delivered with this 7" a "musique concrete" variation of the techno age. Good and simple.

A - 68 X 32
B - System Mix
"The Vitamin B12 is Alasdair Willis. Reclusive Brighton based author of contemporary surrealist artifacts. This single was commissioned for Rafts instrumental series, specifically with the 7" medium in mind.
The two pieces are vastly contrasting and perhaps some small clue to their aesthetic may be placed within the titles themselves...
68 x 32 is a Musique Concrete assemblage so therefore must be art, and as such it can only be judged by posterity, no one yet can really say what the record is like.
System Six is a melodic composition for tuned percussion sounds, with a surprisingly liberating, yet oddly mind-bending ascending motif, which calls on the infinite resources that can be gleaned from careful application of the laws of repetition, that can be gleaned from careful application of the laws of repetition laws of repetition of repetition. This record exists precisely because it was made to be." - Raft.

Thanks to Rain : RAR/RS/320

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Anonyme a dit…

Yes, another skipper ripper from AW. Like musique concrete, stripping is also considered an art form and therefore should be exempt from VAT, as a appeals court in Norway recently ruled.

l&a a dit…